The Daily Detective

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Amy Strommer

  • The Daily Detective
  • The Daily Detective
    Help students use language as they become detectives, gather information, describe critical elements of a situation, and ask relevant questions.

Age Range: 10 to 15
ISBN: 9780930951634

Children with language or learning deficits often have difficulty identifying, describing, and making inquiries about the salient features of various social situations. The activities help students to describe the critical elements of a situation, to ask relevant questions, to organize information, and to report that information concisely and effectively. Role-playing activities are also included.

As students participate in the activities, they practice distinguishing specific statements from vague statements and relevant statements from irrelevant statements. Examples of Skills Emphasized: Using Descriptive Words, Identifying Specific Answers, Making Specific Statements, Vague vs. Specific Statements, Identifying Details, Adding Details, Using Precise Vocabulary, Identifying Irrelevant Statements, Giving Relevant Answers, Asking Relevant Questions, Expressing Feelings, Explaining Situations.

The book includes short stories and worksheet activities. The short stories can be presented orally to non-readers. Reproducible worksheets are included.