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Dyslexia: A Practical Guide for Teachers

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Margaret Crombie

  • Dyslexia
  • Dyslexia
    A ready to use, hands-on book for the busy teacher which provides full insights into dyslexia.

224 pages
ISBN: 9781903842164

Margaret explains the terminology associated with dyslexia and importantly how it might be recognised in the classroom. There is a section on early identification, with a number of checklists which cover ages ranging from the nursery to the later stages of secondary education. There is also a fuller diagnostic assessment for classroom teachers.

Other chapters focus on teaching strategies across the curriculum, plus detailed support ideas for reading, spelling, writing, memory strategies, handwriting, mathematics, PE and foreign language learning. In addition Margaret has included ideas on motivation and growth mindset.

"In this book Margaret Crombie brings together her extensive knowledge and experience to provide a guide that is straightforward and practical. Key terms are explained in a way that make it an accessible resource for all. The complexities of assessments are explored, enabling the reader to understand the activities and purposes associated with this process and how to translate the findings into practice. Each chapter clearly explains current thinking whilst at the same time focussing on the practical application of this in the classroom. There are numerous suggestions for effective activities throughout each chapter covering the whole curriculum as well as specifically for literacy intervention and support. This is a book that can be referred to again and again by readers and provides both insight and practical support strategies that are relevant to anyone working with individuals in education who are dyslexic."
- Helen Boden, CEO, British Dyslexia Association  read the full review