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3rd Edition

Removing Dyslexia as a Barrier to Achievement: The Dyslexia Friendly Schools Toolkit

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Neil Mackay

  • Removing Dyslexia as a Barrier to Achievement
  • Removing Dyslexia as a Barrier to Achievement
    Takes a thought provoking and detailed look at the potential to create dyslexia friendly learning environments. The toolkit's practical style rooted in good practice and experience have made this resource very popular with teachers of dyslexic children.

224 pages
ISBN: 9781903842102

The authoritative guide to creating and sustaining dyslexia-friendly schools. Offers solutions and advice on responding to individual learning needs plus a working toolkit for creating a dyslexia friendly class or school.

The toolkit is full of practical guidance, empowering ideas and challenging assertions about inclusion. The book is now a first point of reference in over 7,000 schools. It presents many strategies for meeting diverse learning needs and methods for overcoming barriers to learning. These are clearly rooted in good pratice and draws on a wealth of relevant experience.

In this third Edition, Neil discusses how to boost the learning of dyslexic and other SEN pupils. He tackles the tricky subjects of School Improvement through boosting the confidence of SEN learners; building the Inclusion Development Plan into whole school practice; and developing robust dyslexia friendly practices in busy and diverse schools.

Through his work and his writing Neil demonstrates a wholehearted commitment to Achievement for All and a love of a challenge. His practical ideas for inclusion can be adopted by all teachers, no specialist knowledge is required.

Table of Contents

Dyslexia - difficulty or difference

Understanding Dyslexia - removing the barriers.

Creating the feel-good factor

Spelling with a specific difference

Learning styles and preferences - harnessing learning differences

Learning styles and comfort zones - working from inside out

Dyslexia friendly means inclusion friendly - meeting diverse needs in mainstream settings

Dyslexia and revision - learning how to learn

Maths as a specific learning difference

Dyslexia and EAL - mind friendly solutions

The toolkit for the dyslexia friendly classroom

Responding to individual needs through classroom action

The dyslexia friendly classroom in the dyslexia friendly school

Putting it all together - the opportunity to balance the cost.