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Unlocking the Power of Print: A Tutor's Practicum Manual for Teaching the Dyslexic Learner

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Dorothy Blosser Whitehead

  • Unlocking the Power of Print
  • Unlocking the Power of Print
    Sets out a unique, research-based process to teach sentence writing, based on systematic, sequential, and structured grammar.

116 pages

This tutorial manual is designed for use with the Orton-Giliingham Approach for teaching persons who have had difficulty learning to read, write or spell. This approach was developed specifically for the dyslexic learner.

  • unique, research-based lesson design
  • sequence of skills for instruction
  • techniques for one-to-one and classroom instruction
  • model dialogues
  • an overview of general information for the teacher
  • clarification of points teachers sometimes confuse
  • steps for initial instruction and subsequent lessons
  • sample activities and assignments

Table of Contents


Training Schedulefor Tutors

Sound-Spelling Checklist (pronunciation key)

Sounds Proctice Sheet

Sound-Spelling Checklist

Sound-Spelling Checklist Explanation

Sound-Dictation Checklist Explanation

Sound-Dictation Checklist


Lesson Plan

Simplified outline of a Lesson Plan

Phonics Cords

Beginning Lessons


Closed Syllables

b-d Confusion

Phonics Wheel



Testing for Auditory Concepts

Nonsense Words - closed syllables

Beginning Consonant Blends

Ending Consonant Blends

Beginning and Ending Consonant Blends

Spelling ll, ff, ss, zz

Sentence Practice

Silent E Rule

Hard and Soft c

Hard and Soft g

ed, y Endings

Syllable Division Rule #1 c/c

Accent/Nonsense Sentences

Long Vowels : Wild Old Words

Long Vowels: Open Syllables

Syllable Division Rule #2 v/c

Syllable Division Rules #1 & #2

ck Spelling Generalization

ang, ing, ong...

ble, dle, fle ... syllables

Round Word Wheel

Round Word Wheel Letter Patterns

Syllable Division Rule # l

Unphonetic Sight Words (Red Words)

'r-controlled " sllables

"r-controlled" vowels

ir, ur

or, ar, er, ir, ur ear Irregularities

a, ough, augh

tion, sion

Doubling Rule, part 1

Doubling Rule, part 2

Silent e Rule

Comparing Doubling Rule


Schwa/Unaccented Syllables

Syllable Division Rule #3 vc/

Accent / Unaccented, Syllables

Syllable Division Rule #1,#2,& #3

tch/ ch/ Spelling Generalization

dge / j/ Spelling Generalizotion

Vowel Team Syllables


The y Spelling Rule

ie-ei Spelling Rule

Silent Letters

Plural Endings




Irregular 3 Syllable Words



Latin: Prefixes - Roots - Suffixes

Latin Connectives

Greek Words

Glossary of Terms


Orton-Gillingham Materials list

Cursive Writing


Tutor Observation Form

Orton-Gillingham Lesson Plan

Sound Spelling Checklist

Sound-Dictation Writing Checklist