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Cory Helps Kids Cope with Sexual Abuse: Playful Activities for Traumatized Children

$33.59  Softcover
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Liana Lowenstein

  • Cory Helps Kids Cope with Sexual Abuse

140 pages
Interest Age: 4 to 12
ISBN: 9780968519998

Cory’s Story and the variety of creative activities are specifically designed to help children cope with sexual abuse and trauma. Therapeutic games, art, puppets, and other engaging techniques address the eight components of Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT).

Cory Helps Kids Cope With Sexual Abuse is part of a series of books to help children in therapy cope with challenging issues. This version targets children aged 4-L2 coping with the impact of sexual abuse. Children who have experienced multiple traumatic events are coping with difficulties across several areas of functioning and require a therapeutic approach that differs from children who have been more acutely traumatised. Thus, children with chronic trauma presentations or complex trauma may benefit from activities in this book as part of a more comprehensive and specialised treatment plan.

This book helps children gradually confront and process their issues with the help of Cory, the central character in the story. Cory is presented as androgynous so both boys and girls can relate. Questions and re-enforcers are woven throughout the story to captivate and sustain the child's interest in the story, and to evaluate and encourage the child's integration of the material. Therapeutic games, art, puppets, and other playful activities are incorporated to lower the threat level of therapy and engage children in treatment.

Includes a reproducible story, assessment and treatment activities, and detailed parent handouts.

Also included - download link for:

Favorite Therapeutic Activities for Children, Youth and Families: - Practitioners Share Their Most effective Interventions. This is a creative collection of assessment and treatment techniques for individual, group, and family therapy.

Table of Contents


Getting to Know Each Other Better

Learning about Sexual Abuse


Feelings about the Sexual Abuse

Angry Feelings

Helpful Thoughts

Beginning the Story

Telling What Happened

Thoughts about the Sexual Abuse

Coping with Scary Reminders

Sharing the Story

Healthy Sexuality


Reviewing What Was Learned

The Last Day of Therapy

Appendix A: Parent Questionnaire

Appendix B: Welcome Letter for the Child’s First Session

Appendix C: Assessment Activities

Red or Black Card Game (Version for 4–6 year olds)

Red or Black Card Game (Version for 7–12 year olds)

People in My World

Appendix D: Sample Letter from the Therapist for the Child’s Last Session

References and Resources

"This is a terrific, clinically focused book for therapists treating children who have been sexually abused and their families. Ms. Lowenstein describes a variety of creative interventions to implement the TF-CBT components. Clinicians will substantially benefit from having this book in their professional library."
- Anthony P. Mannarino, Ph.D. TF-CBT Co-Developer

"I have always been impressed with Liana Lowenstein’s publications and the respectful, developmentally appropriate, and playful ways she addresses serious clinical issues. This book is another must-have for practitioners seeking innovative ways to help children heal from sexual abuse and complex trauma."
- Sue Foley, MSW, MEd. Social Worker, Australia Councilor for ISPCAN

"Ms. Lowenstein’s wisdom with regard to the integration of trauma work, play therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy truly shines in Cory Helps Kids with Sexual Abuse. It is a must-have for clinician’s doing trauma work with children! Her knowledge, compassion and skill are evident in the way she weaves psychoeducation, coping skills and exposure work in a creative and engaging way. For those clinician’s doing TFCBT, it is a wonderful companion to the treatment model!"
- Amy Hoch, Psy.D. TF-CBT Certified Trainer

"Mental health clinicians engaging in TF-CBT with children who have experienced sexual abuse will find this well structured, developmentally sensitive, exposure, psycho-ed and CBT based resource a highly practical support. Encouraging movement based activities and games and using the narrative of Cory will help children manage sharing their difficult experiences."
- Jacki Short, Counselling Psychologist and Play Therapist