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Creative CBT Interventions for Children with Anxiety

$42.68  Softcover
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Liana Lowenstein

  • Creative CBT Interventions for Children with Anxiety

168 pages
Interest Age: 6 to 12
ISBN: 9780995172500

Make Cognitive Behavioral Therapy child-friendly with this innovative collection of games, art activities, and stories.

Packed with innovative cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) techniques to help child clinicians engage, assess, and treat children with a variety of anxiety symptoms and disorders. Therapeutic games, art, stories, and other creative activities address the key components of CBT: Psychoeducation, relaxation, affective expression, cognitive coping, exposure, and parent training. Includes practical strategies for overcoming common clinical challenges plus interventions and handouts for parents.

A variety of activities are presented in each chapter, so interventions most appropriate to your client's age, interests and needs can be selected. This is an invaluable resource for mental health practitioners seeking creative ways to make CBT engaging and child-friendly.

Geared to children aged 6-12 with a variety of anxiety symptoms and disorders.

Table of Contents

Activities at a Glance



Section 1: Initial Meeting with Parents

  • Overview
  • Parent Questionnaire
  • Information Sheet for Parents: Therapy for Childhood Anxiety

Section 2: Engagement and Assessment

  • Welcome Letter
  • Jamie's Story (Chapter One: Getting Help)
  • How About You?
  • Five Favorites
  • Sticky Dots
  • Butterflies in My Stomach
  • Red and Black Card Game
  • People in My World

Section 3: Psychoeducation

  • Overview
  • Jamie's Story (Chapter Two: Learning About Anxiety)
  • Crumpled Paper Throw
  • Close Far Game
  • Information Sheet for Parents: Learning About Anxiety

Section 4: Relaxation

  • Overview
  • Cookie Breathing Game
  • Awesome App
  • Tight-Relax Game
  • Information Sheet for Parents: Relaxation

Section 5: Affective Expression

  • Overview
  • Jamie's Story (Chapter Three: Feelings)
  • Guess Which Hand
  • Air Hockey Feelings Game
  • Information Sheet for Parents: Feelings

Section 6: Cognitive Coping

  • Overview
  • Letting the Butterflies Out of the Bag
  • Jamie's Story (Chapter Four Helpful Thoughts)
  • Helpful Thoughts
  • Bug Off!
  • Willy's Worries and the Wise Wizard
  • Information Sheet for Parents: Helpful Thoughts.

Section 7: Exposure

  • Overview
  • Jamie's Story (Chapter Five: Facing Fears)
  • Picture It Poster
  • Play Clay Role-Play
  • Best Friend Role-Play
  • Information Sheet for Parents: Facing Fears

Section 8: Parenting Skills

  • Overview
  • Brag Book (Child Version)
  • Brag Book (Parent Version)
  • Table Talk
  • Reward Bag
  • Play Date
  • Success Story

Section 9: Termination 129

  • Overview
  • Cookie Jar
  • Balloon Bash
  • Crumpled Paper Throw: The Sequel
  • Coping with Anxiety Envelope Game
  • Information Sheet for Parents: Termination

Appendix A: Teacher Questionnaire

Appendix B: Supporting Anxious Students: Tips for School Personnel

Appendix C: Points Tracking Sheet

Appendix D: Therapy Feedback Form

Appendix E: Sample Graduation Letter

Appendix F: Guidelines for Letter from the Parents

Appendix G: Books and Resources for Children

References and Suggested Reading


Free Resources

"Lowenstein offers multiple creative, practical activities for delivering interventions in a developmentally sensitive manner. In conjunction with a strong background in the concepts of CBT, this book will help practitioners translate empirically supported techniques into play. It is highly recommended for child therapists."
- Susan M. Knell, Ph.D. Clinical Assistant Professor, Case Western Reserve University. Author of Cognitive Behavioral Play Therapy

"A very creative, thorough and comprehensive compilation to make CBT appealing to young children, and to enhance rapport and motivation. A valuable resource for therapists, as it provides a range of ideas to engage children in treatment, especially those who are reluctant."
- Aureen Wagner, Ph.D. The Anxiety Wellness Center. Author of Worried No More

"This volume provides a clear roadmap for clinicians who work with anxious children and utilizes the therapeutic powers of play to augment CBT treatment for this population. Jamie’s story invites children to learn about anxiety through the eyes of a likable character while learning that there is hope for change, while the reproducible handouts for parents invite them deeper into the process and provide psychoeducation that will enhance treatment outcomes. This text will be a welcome addition to the resources of all who work with anxious children."
- Paris Goodyear-Brown, LCSW, RPT-S. Author of Worry Wars: An Anxiety Workbook for Kids

"This helpful volume of play-based interventions is ideal for therapists working with children. Anxiety is the most common presenting issue of children in therapy and this well constructed volume draws on age appropriate, strength-based, psycho-ed, relaxation and exposure techniques suitable for the range of anxiety presentations using stories and play based games and activities that will be appealing to children."
- Jacki Short, Counselling Psychologist and Play Therapist