Jennifer Liss titles

pets rule!
Pets Rule!
$51.50 Our Price - $46.95 Paperback

Meet the Third Street Pets - their people don’t know it, but these cats, dogs, and a parrot rule the neighborhood! Join them in their fun adventures.

play for keeps
Play for Keeps
$51.50 Our Price - $46.95 Paperback

Get serious about sports with this 5 book readers set. Featured sports are: volleyball, basketball, soccer, track and field, and softball

play hard
Play Hard
$51.50 Our Price - $46.95 Paperback

Ana & Daniel play lots of sports, and their dad is a coach. They always compete to see who can hit farther, run faster, or blow a bigger bubble!

play to win
Play to Win
$51.50 Our Price - $46.95 Paperback

Play along with four friends as they compete in tae kwon do, tennis, gridiron, mountain biking and cheerleading. Set of five hi/lo readers.

shadow lands, level 3, blackwings
Shadow Lands, Level 3, Blackwings
$49.95 Our Price - $46.95 Paperback

Great new set of five Hi/Lo readers based around two high school kids who are also vampires!