Play to Win: Level 2

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Holly Woolard

  • Play to Win
  • Play to Win
    Play along with four friends as they compete in tae kwon do, tennis, gridiron, mountain biking and cheerleading. Set of five hi/lo readers.

48 pages
Age Range: 9 to 14
Level: 2nd Grade Readability

You might say sports run in the family! Cousins Kat and Jamal play a lot of sports, and Jamal’s mum is a coach. Brother and sister Eli and Sarah also love sports, and their dad is a coach. In this series, readers will “play along” with the four friends as they compete in tae kwon do, tennis, American football, mountain biking, and cheerleading. If your students liked the Play Hard series (level 1 hi-lo), they’ll like the Play to Win series.

  • 95% of the words used are drawn from the 1,200 most commonly used words in English, both decodable and sight words.
  • 5% of the words are story specific and are defined in context and used multiple times.
  • Text is highly connected to promote fluency and comprehension.

Ride Fast

  • It’s Sarah’s first year on the middle-school mountain biking team. So why won’t she listen to advice from the others?
  • Lexile:400


  • Kat and Sarah are on a cheer team. Sarah wants Jamal to join the team. Kat—and Jamal—are not so sure.
  • Lexile:430

Good Sport

  • Tennis is fun, right? Kat and Sarah think so at first. They quickly find out that being a good sport is harder than they thought!
  • Lexile:420

Trick Play

  • Jamal and Eli are on a football team together for the first time. Can they work together to help their team win a championship?
  • Lexile:350

Kick It!

  • Kat joins Eli and Sarah at the tae kwon do center. Jamal isn’t interested—until he sees tae kwon do in action.
  • Lexile:380