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You Choose Monster Hunter Set: set of 8 books

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Blake Hoena, Brandon Terrell

  • You Choose Monster Hunter Set
  • You Choose Monster Hunter Set
    Where do dragons live? What do orcs eat? How do gnomes spend their free time? Hi/Lo readers in fun, easy-to-use reference format

112 pages
Grade Readability: 4
Interest Age: 8 to 13
Lexile: 620 to 720
ISBN: 9781666347548

A new action-packed series in the ever-popular You Choose series, where you learn about the world’s most elusive mythical creatures, including Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, the Kraken, and more. Full of life-or-death decisions, this series of interactive books puts you smack-dab at the centre of the action. Each choice brings you one step closer to becoming an epic monster hunter—or an epic failure. Complete with real-life landmarks, nonfiction back matter, and dozens of possible outcomes, the adventure never ends with You Choose: Monster Hunter!

Item MediaPrice
img_9806You Choose Monster Hunter Set
set of 8 books
img_9807Can You Capture the Chupacabra?
37 Choices, 16 Endings
img_9810Can You Track Down Bigfoot?
41 Choices, 20 Endings
img_9808Can You Catch the Kraken?
41 Choices, 21 Endings
img_9809Can You Net the Loch Ness Monster?
49 Choices, 21 Endings
img_11111Can You Catch a Swamp Monster?
39 Choices, 20 Endings
img_11112Can You Discover an Alien?
36 Choices, 11 Endings
img_11113Can You Find the Jersey Devil?
39 Choices, 18 Endings
img_11114Can You Nab the Mothman?
45 Choices, 20 Endings