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Whole Phonics Level 3 - Unit 2: Set of 3 books

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Jill Lauren, Darren McKee

  • Whole Phonics Level 3 - Unit 2

16 pages

Whole Phonics Level 3 books are colourful and wonderfully illustrated. Because these books have a comic-book look and feel to them, even older kids find them engaging, which encourages reading. Besides containing charming storylines, the books are carefully crafted to sequentially instil language and reading skills over consecutive levels of learning.

First set of three Level 3 books - Unit 2 - target sound: -ang, -ank

  • Hank’s Fangs
  • Run for Books
  • What’s Missing?
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img_9324Whole Phonics Level 3 - Unit 2
Set of 3 books
img_9323Hank's Fangs
img_9322Run for Books
img_9325What’s Missing?