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What Every School Leader Needs to Know About RTI

$42.27  Paperback
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Margaret Searle

  • What Every School Leader Needs to Know About RTI

200 pages
ISBN: 9781416609933

At last, here’s a book that helps you cut through the quackery and ensure that your approach to RTI represents the very best of what is known about assessment, instruction, and intervention. Author Margaret Searle provides you with a school-proven RTI framework and puts you on a foundation of sound advice, including: • Why RTI doesn’t mean starting over from scratch on your school improvement effort. • How to ensure your approach to RTI is student-centered. • What RTI looks like when done well. • How to minimize the overuse of costly Tier 2 and Tier 3 interventions.

As Searle guides you through the steps of setting up multiple assessments, analyzing performance data, and responding to learning problems with a three-tier intervention, she imparts countless tips along the way, including • Six steps to take when you don’t know why students aren’t learning. • Four coordinator roles that are required for successful RTI implementation. • Three types of assessment tools you need in a quality RTI approach. • Six areas of prevention every RTI approach should include.

Table of Contents



What Is RTI and Why Should We Care?

A Visible Means of Support

It's Not the Tool, It's the Operator

Using Universal Screen Results to Set Goals

The Tiered Pyramid of Interventions

Prevention Is More Efficient Than Cure

What to Do When You Don't Know What to Do

Compassionate and Competent Education