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Unraveling Dyslexia: A Guide for Teachers and Families

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Kristin L Sayeski

  • Unraveling Dyslexia
  • Unraveling Dyslexia
    Translates research from neuroscience, cognitive psychology, linguistics & education into accessible information for teachers & parents.

226 pages
ISBN: 9781538170243

Despite being the most common learning disability, dyslexia is widely misunderstood. Shrouded by myths and misperceptions, a lack of direct, practical information on dyslexia leaves many teachers and families frustrated. Well-intentioned teachers tell parents that all kids learn differently and at a different pace, but as the months turn into years, the gap between skilled readers and those who struggle widens. The antidote to wait-and-see and more-of-the-same is information. In this book, Sayeski translates research from neuroscience, cognitive psychology, linguistics, and education into accessible information to help teachers and parents unravel the complexities of skilled reading.

Unraveling dyslexia requires an understanding of what it means to read—both the accurate recognition of words and the capacity to bring meaning to those words—and identifying where and how difficulty can occur with these processes. To do this, Sayeski situates the challenges some students experience in learning to read within the context of the development of English orthography (i.e., written language) and the history of reading instruction in the schools. Sayeski, then, presents what reading science has revealed about individual differences in reading. Within the book's final chapters, readers will find practical information on how to provide the type of structured literacy instruction required to put students with dyslexia on the path to reading.

This book is designed for teachers, administrators, and parents seeking information that can be immediately applied to improve the outcomes of students with dyslexia or who struggle learning to read. It is never too soon to address signs of difficulty with reading. The aim of this book is to provide readers with the knowledge they need to act now to provide students with the gift of literacy.

Table of Contents

1: Dyslexia and The Complex Behavior of Reading

2: Creating the Code: Understanding English Orthography

3: Reading Instruction in the United States

4: Reading Science and Individual Differences in Reading

5: Structured Literacy: Word Recognition

6: Structured Literacy: Language Comprehension

7: Advocacy and Action




About the Author

"I've not seen another text to this point that does such a good job of encompassing all of these critical elements. There seems to currently be an either-or approach to texts on literacy instruction such that one text is about Dyslexia and the history and causes while another text is about the evidence-based instructional practices for teaching reading. The combination of them in this book makes the information accessible and easy to implement."
- Melissa Green, Dean of Teacher Preparation Programs, Brigham Young University

"The extensive and well-documented historical background adds to the credibility of "Unraveling Dyslexia." The myths and misconceptions are clearly unravelled, giving the reader a well-balanced and structured approach and understanding of how a child learns to read and the fundamental approaches to teaching reading. A must read for reading instructors!"
- Kathleen Briseno, professor of special education, Concordia University, Chicago

"Kristen L. Sayeski fulfills a promise in successfully unraveling many of the complex components and layered intricacies on matters related to dys-(difficulty) with -lexia (words) or dyslexia. This book not only serves as an indispensable resource for educational practitioners but also spells out a plan for action and advocacy in support of students with dyslexia and their families."
- Kai J. Greene, Ph.D, assistant professor of Special Education, California State University Dominguez Hills