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Understanding Autism: The Essential Guide for Parents, 2nd Edition

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Katrina Williams, Jacqueline Roberts Australian author

  • Understanding Autism
  • Understanding Autism
    Australian experts cover causes of autism, how it manifests at various stages of childhood, & coping with common problematic behaviour

272 pages
ISBN: 9781925335712

Our understanding of the autism spectrum has improved dramatically in recent years. In Understanding Autism, two leading Australian experts in the field combine their decades of experience to offer an extensive, accessible guide for parents and relatives.

This updated edition covers everything from the causes of autism to how it manifests at the various ages and stages of a child’s life, as well as diet and nutrition, the importance of self-care for parents, how to cope with common problematic behaviours, conditions that can often appear in conjunction with autism (such as anxiety and depression), and how best to manage the child’s transition to adulthood.

The authors’ warm, supportive voice reassures parents in coping during times of difficulty or transition, as well as with everyday life - sorting fact from myth as they provide all the key information in a clear, easily understood format.

This is the essential reference for parents and carers of children with autism.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: What is autism?

Chapter 2: Meet some individuals with autism

Chapter 3: Assessment and diagnosis

Chapter 4: Looking after yourself

Chapter 5: The toddler and preschool years

Chapter 6: Problems in the preschool years

Chapter 7: The primary school years

Chapter 8: Problems in the primary school years

Chapter 9: The secondary school years

Chapter 10: Making sense of new information

Parting words





"There has been an explosion of information about autism in recent years, including possible causes and interventions, and parents and carers are faced with the task of sifting through the often – conflicting information to help them cope after a diagnoses. Understanding Autism aims to break through the misinformation and provide parents with the skills to assess new information, to deal with professionals and choose the best path for them and their child."
- Rattler

"This book is a must have resource for all parents who have children with autism, especially for those parents who have just received their diagnoses."
- Unity QLD

"Understanding Autism is clear and well written. It provides sensible, accessible information and has an air of calm reassurance about it. This book provides a combination of professional advice and personal support, as a knowledgeable friend might."
- Centre For Developmental Neuropsychology

img_7868Understanding Autism
The Essential Guide for Parents, 2nd Edition
img_5293Understanding Autism
The Essential Guide for Parents