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Tired of Teen Anxiety: A Young Person's Guide to Discovering Your Best Life (and Becoming Your Best)

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Lisa Coyne, Sarah Cassidy

  • Tired of Teen Anxiety

160 pages
ISBN: 9781803882758

Tired of Teen Anxiety is a step-by step guide for teens on how to come to terms with anxiety, do the things that matter to them and get on with living their lives.

Drawing on principles of mindfulness and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), the authors describe sophisticated, evidence-based clinical techniques in accessible language - giving teens a toolkit for turning towards their anxiety in positive ways. By acknowledging that difficult thoughts and feelings are a normal part of being human, rather than something that we must try to stamp out or wish away, they normalise the everyday struggles of anxious young people so they can learn to create a new relationship with their anxiety that allows them to fulfil their potential and enjoy every day of their lives. The material is presented in an engaging and appealing style with illustrations, plentiful exercises and downloadable audio.

Table of Contents

Introduction – Let’s talk

  1. Getting to know your anxiety
  2. Our brains as threat detectors
  3. More on mindfulness
  4. Control and avoidance
  5. Values and what you care about
  6. Building a better compass
  7. Letting go of the fight with anxiety
  8. Getting to know your travelling companion
  9. Taming the voice of your travelling companion
  10. Your thoughts do not define you
  11. Breaking out of the anxiety cage
  12. Saying yes and meaning it
  13. Nobody’s perfect – practising self-kindness

"This is without doubt one of the best and most helpful books on anxiety in adolescence I have ever read! It’s written for adolescents themselves, in a playful, engaging, accessible, genuine and unassuming manner and style, yet so much of its content is also of huge relevance for parents, carers and professionals working with anxious teens. Rarely have I seen a book translate complex principles and processes of evidence-based mental health care in such a beautiful and articulate way. It’s absolutely packed with brilliant, powerful and simple exercises that have the potential to radically transform the way adolescents understand their experience and relate to their anxiety. And critically, it challenges those well-intended, yet much mistaken, messages that adolescents repeatedly receive from the cultural zeitgeist that if you experience anxiety as a teenager, there is something wrong with you, and that you need to get rid of your anxiety to start living a good life. When teenagers buy into that narrative too literally, they are trapped – they can never start living fully! Because living fully – which means doing stuff you care about – often means making room for the worry, fear and anxiety that things may not go exactly as you might hope. So many of the wonderful exercises in this book help adolescents not just tolerate their anxiety, but rather to bring genuine interest and curiosity to it, because so often inside our anxiety is what we most care about. So by helping adolescents bring genuine curiosity to their anxiety, this book also helps them to get in touch with what matters most to them, at this point in their lives. If you are a teenager experiencing a lot of anxiety, this book is for you. If you are a parent/carer of a teenager experiencing anxiety, this book is for you, and for your young person. And if you are a professional working with adolescents experiencing anxiety… again this book is for you! A brilliant and heart-felt contribution to the literature!"
- Duncan Gillard, HCPC registered Educational Psychologist Hon. Senior Lecturer at Bangor University Founding Partner at ConnectEd

"Engage your curiosity, become skilled in living your best life and be your best self – we would all benefit from that! For young people living with anxiety, this book shows them step-by-step how to create their life. In these anxious times, this book gives science-backed strategies to build hope and growth. It has fabulous artwork and ideas shared by young people, too. If you know a young person who is anxious, or you work in any professional capacity with young people, this book is a fantastic asset. Get it on your shelf, share it in class, give it to your own kids."
- Louise Hayes, PhD, Clinical Psychologist & author