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2nd Edition

The Selective Mutism Resource Manual

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Maggie Johnson, Alison Wintgens

  • The Selective Mutism Resource Manual

354 pages
Interest Age: 4+
ISBN: 9781909301337

For anyone who needs to understand, assess or manage selective mutism, this is a comprehensive and practical manual that is grounded in behavioural psychology and anxiety management and draws on relevant research findings as well as the authors' extensive clinical experience.

Now in its second edition and including new material for adolescents and adults, The Selective Mutism Resource Manual 2ed provides:

  • An up-to-date summary of literature and theory to deepen your understanding of selective mutism.
  • A wealth of ideas on assessment and management in home, school and community settings so that its relevance extends far beyond clinical practice.
  • A huge range of printable online handouts and other resources.
  • Case studies and personal stories to illustrate symptoms and demonstrate the importance of tailored interventions.

This unique manual emphasises practical assessment and treatment, advice and information, filling a significant gap in the availability of suitable resources in this field. It is essential reading for people who have selective mutism as well as for the clinicians, therapists, educators, caseworkers and families who support them.

The extensive Online Resource Library is available to purchasers of this manual.

Table of Contents

Front Matter

  • Foreword by Hanne Kristensen,
  • Preface
  • Authors’ acknowledgements
  • List of tables
  • List of fgures
  • List of boxes
  • List of online resources

Part 1. Understanding Selective Mutism

  1. Frequently asked questions about selective mutism
  2. A holistic view of selective mutism

Part 2. Guidelines for Identifcation and Assessment

  1. Making a diagnosis. what we need to know and why
  2. The core assessment. initial information gathering
  3. Meeting and involving the child or young person
  4. The extended assessment. further information gathering
  5. Moving from assessment to management

Part 3. Management

  1. Ensuring an anxiety-free environment. the starting point for home and school
  2. Facing fears at home and in the community
  3. Facing fears in educational settings
  4. Making successful transitions

Part 4. Refective Practice. Learning from Experience

  1. Troubleshooting. why isn’t it working?
  2. When it is more than selective mutism
  3. Examples of interventions
  4. Learning from people who have experienced selective mutism


Part 5. Online Resource Library

  • Appendix A. Activities to develop confdent talking
  • Appendix B. Establishing speech using telephone, lone talking and shaping programmes
  • Appendix C. Examples of programme targets, recording systems and individual education plans
  • Appendix D. Legal, professional and educational support
  • Appendix E. Evidence base and references for The Selective Mutism Resource Manual (second edition),
  • Appendix F. Resources and useful contacts
  • Handouts
  • Booklet for Teenagers and Adults
  • Forms
  • Progress charts
  • References (research references – see Appendix E; resource references – see Appendix F)

"The second edition of The Selective Mutism Resource Manual is without doubt the most comprehensive, knowledgeable and most importantly useful manual on the nature and treatment of Selective Mutism (SM) available at the time of writing this review (Jan 2017). With decades of effective clinical experience of SM between them, the authors have such a level of understanding that important advice is found within the text on every page [..] Selective mutism is a very distressing and disabling anxiety disorder. This manual should give all those who encounter it, be it as a family member, friend, school teacher, practitioner, sufferer or in any other walk of life, the tools they need to help reduce the enormous impact it can have on people’s lives."
- Shirley Landrock-White, SMIRA

"The new manual is filled with informative handouts for parents, professionals and schools, as well as easy to-use checklists, recording systems and small-step programmes, making it by far the most comprehensive resource available in the area of Selective Mutism. There is a new model of confident talking, which is both holistic and wide-ranging and capitalises on day-to-day activities as opportunities for increased participation and communication, with family and key people playing a pivotal role in the intervention process. Johnson and Wintgens brilliantly deconstruct selective mutism and the many issues that can arise in its management and they provide valuable guidance for tackling the challenges through helpful examples and case scenarios.  
Multiple routes are offered for helping children and young people talk to new people and there is extensive information on generalisation to new people, environments and tasks.  A comprehensive range of resources is provided and these are very well referenced and coded to allow practitioners to easily select the right kinds of resources and activities for the child's current targets. For anyone involved with tackling Selective Mutism, the 2nd edition is indispensable.   I would highly recommend it to parents, professionals and indeed individuals with Selective Mutism. It makes a phenomenal contribution both to our understanding of the condition and to our awareness of how to tackle it effectively."
- Anita McKiernan, RCSLT Adviser in SM, Advanced Specialist SLT, Clinical Tutor & Visiting Lecturer, City, University of London