The Reading Book: A Complete Guide to Teaching Reading

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Sheena Cameron, Louise Dempsey NZ author

  • The Reading Book
  • The Reading Book
    Outlines the approaches used in balanced reading instruction in a clear, teacher-friendly way.

275 pages
Age Range: 6 to 14
ISBN: 9780473471958

The Reading Book is a comprehensive guide to teaching reading. It contains research-based information that will support primary and middle school teachers to plan realistic and effective programmes that engage learners.

The Reading Book outlines the approaches used in balanced reading instruction in a clear, teacher-friendly way. It contains practical ideas and photocopiable and downloadable resources, that make reading more manageable for teachers and appealing for students.

  • Read Chapter 1 for an outline of the guiding principles and practices of teaching reading. It includes traits of effective teachers of reading and an overview of the reading process. There is also information about the developmental stages of reading and a breakdown of the teaching approaches used in balanced reading instruction. The chapter ends with a summary about catering for different learning needs.
  • Read Chapter 2 to learn more about the teaching of reading, including the recommended types of lessons, teaching oral language as part of reading, and ideas for grouping. In addition, there is information about how to teach decoding, comprehension and critical thinking. The chapter ends with ideas for supporting students to read at home and information about assessing progress in reading.
  • Read Chapter 3 for information about planning and teaching a balanced ‘read aloud’ programme.
  • Chapter 4 includes detailed information about shared reading. High-impact teaching strategies to use in shared reading lessons are outlined. The remainder of the chapter covers ideas and activities for planning and teaching a series of shared reading lessons. Seven generic weekly plans for different ages are also included.
  • Read Chapter 5 for ideas about planning, teaching and assessing guided reading. This chapter also includes an overview of levels, text characteristics and reader characteristics. There are ideas for teaching a lesson, including activities for before and after the session. The chapter introduces a range of ways to use modeling books and ends with suggested leveled goals to use with guided reading groups.
  • Chapter 6 is about planning for the students who are not working with the teacher during guided reading. It includes management ideas, tips and activity ideas for younger and older students. There are also ideas for celebrating reading and detailed information about planning and teaching reciprocal reading, book clubs and Reader’s Theatre.
  • The final chapter of the book emphasises the importance of planning for independent reading. It includes ideas for promoting a reading culture in the class and the important role of the teacher in monitoring and supporting students. There is also a useful list of activities that can be included in independent reading to help students discuss and reflect on their personal reading. Finally, there are ideas for supporting ‘at risk’ and reluctant readers to manage their reading.

71 photocopiable masters are included at the back of the book. They are also available to download.

Many of the activities in the book are suitable as home reading activities. These are indicated with the home reading icon.

Slide presentations available to download:

  • Teaching self-monitoring
  • Introducing reciprocal reading
  • Introducing book clubs
  • Shared reading plan — Junior level — poetry
  • Shared reading plan — Middle level — fiction
  • Shared reading plan — Middle level — non-fiction
  • Shared reading plan — Senior level — fiction
  • Shared reading plan — Senior level — non-fiction

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Guiding principles and practices

Chapter 2: Teaching reading

Chapter 3: Reading to students

Chapter 4: Shared reading

Chapter 5: Guided reading

Chapter 6: Independent activities

Chapter 7: Independent reading


Slide presentations available to download