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The Autism Spectrum and Depression

$37.26  Paperback
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Nick Dubin

  • The Autism Spectrum and Depression

240 pages
ISBN: 9781849058148

For people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), coping with a world that often seems alien to them and battling with everyday struggles can all too often lead to depression. Looking at why people on the spectrum are more likely to suffer and how to both prevent and ameliorate it, this book is here to help.

In the first book on depression written specifically for adults with ASD, this ground-breaking book offers accessible and sensitive advice on how individuals with ASD can manage their emotions, exploring what can lead to them feeling down, how this can escalate, and how to take positive steps towards recovery.

Nick Dubin shares his own experiences of depression including how he has dealt with it, and everything from initial feelings of anger and frustration to medication, cognitive behavioural therapy and overcoming 'the dark night of the soul'.

The book also includes a chapter on suicide, and useful interviews with his parents and clinicians specialising in ASD. Non-judgmental and genuinely helpful throughout, this book provides real solutions to a problem that is frequently overlooked. It will be essential reading for those with ASD who suffer from symptoms of depression, and will also be of interest to family members, teachers and other professionals working with ASD individuals of all ages.

Table of Contents

Foreword by Tony Attwood.


  1. The Relationship between the Autism Spectrum and Depression.
  2. Defining Depression.
  3. Cognitive-behavioural Therapy.
  4. The Dark Night of the Soul.
  5. Suicide is the Forever Decision.
  6. Perfectionism and Depression.
  7. Anger and Depression.
  8. Managing Depression.
  9. Interview with My Parents.

Appendix I. A List of Recommended Books.

Appendix II. Aspie Self-check List.



"The Autism Spectrum and Depression will be my primary reference book for explanations and ideas to alleviate depression for clients in my clinical practice. If you are feeling depressed because you have Asperger's syndrome, or know someone with Asperger's syndrome who seems depressed, please buy and read this book."
- Tony Attwood

"Expertly drawing from the work of psychiatrists, psychologists, and even philosophers of ancient times Nick weaves personal and colleagues' experiences of Asperger Syndrome to go deeper and with greater understanding into depression for persons with autism than anyone before."
- Stephen Shore, Assistant Professor of Special Education at Adelphi University and internationally known author, presenter, and consultant on issues related to autism

"Nick Dubin is one of those thoughtful and talented young people with ASD who can articulate exactly what it is like to have ASD. His previous books about bullying and anxiety are well known and with this book he has now drawn attention to one of the most pressing problems for those with ASD and that is depression. Not only does he help us to understand this problem that is increasing at a disturbing rate, but he gives us the background, context, theory and some delightful and revealing stories. Anyone interested in this urgent problem and people with ASD will find new insights, directions, and, most important, new ways to help in this outstanding and fascinating book."
- Gary B. Mesibov, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, University of North Carolina