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Talkabout Game & Cards Combo: board game + 3 card sets

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Alex Kelly

  • Talkabout Game & Cards Combo
  • Talkabout Game & Cards Combo
    Talkabout Board Game plus all 3 card sets for developing & practising social communication skills, self esteem & friendship skills

Interest Age: 7 to 16

Save when you buy the Talkabout Board Game plus all three card sets for developing and practising social communication skills, self esteem and friendship skills.

  • The new and expanded second edition of the Talkabout Board Game has been designed to support work on social skills, self-esteem, and friendship skills. The game backs up skills taught within the Talkabout book series but can also be used as a standalone resource.
  • Talkabout Cards - Group Cohesion: 20 games that can be used within any group setting to help with group cohesion. This collection of games can be used to enhance a social skills activity or as warm up and finishing games.
  • Talkabout Cards - Self Awareness Activities: 20 group games to encourage self awareness and effective social skills. Fun, quick and easy to play, these cards feature the familiar Talkabout drawings to provide visual cues.
  • Talkabout Cards - Who am I?: Designed to be used with an individual or small group to practice good communication and social skills. Can be used in a number of ways such as a warm up game, group cohesion activity or a closing game. Use to gel a new group or for players to get to know one another by asking appropriate questions. The cards will therefore help to stimulate group conversation and allow people to practice and improve good social skills with others.
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img_8217Talkabout Game & Cards Combo
board game + 3 card sets
img_3133Talkabout Cards - Group Cohesion
img_3132Talkabout Cards - Self Awareness Activities
img_4173Talkabout Cards - Who am I?
img_10713Talkabout Board Game
Developing Self-Esteem, Social Skills and Friendship Skills