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Super Surprising Trivia You Can't Resist: 6 book set

$79.95  Paperback
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Lisa M Bolt Simons, Megan Cooley Peterson, Mari Bolte, Ailynn Collins

  • Super Surprising Trivia You Can't Resist

32 pages
ATOS: 3.2 to 3.7
Lexile: 560 to 680
ISBN: 9781669071495

Are you an information expert? Do you like totally random facts? Then crack open these hi-lo books and discover a treasure trove of surprising information you can't resist. Dynamic design pairs with engaging photos to make these facts easy to read but hard to forget. Learn lots of amazing facts about:

  • Ancient Civilizations
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Rain Forest Animals
  • Space and the Universe
  • the Unexplained
  • the World's Natural Wonders
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img_10961Super Surprising Trivia You Can't Resist
6 book set
img_10999Super Surprising Trivia About Ancient Civilizations
img_11000Super Surprising Trivia About Artificial Intelligence
img_11001Super Surprising Trivia About Rain Forest Animals
img_11002Super Surprising Trivia About Space and the Universe
img_11003Super Surprising Trivia About the Unexplained
img_11005Super Surprising Trivia About the World's Natural Wonde