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Structured Observations of Sensory Integration-Motor (SOSI-M)

$768.14  Kit
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Erna Imperatore Blanche, Gustavo Reinoso, Dominique Blanche Kiefer

  • Structured Observations of Sensory Integration-Motor (SOSI-M)

Interest Age: 5 to 14

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Product Alert

The SOSI-M kit weighs 5kg and comes in a large box so freight cost is $18.95 to ship to most metro locations and more to rural addresses.

The SOSI-M is a standardised assessment of sensory-based motor skills, based in Ayres Clinical Observations, and developed by well-regarded experts in sensory integration.

  • Individual Administration
  • Ages 5 through 14
  • Norm-Referenced
  • Testing Time: 20–40 Minutes
  • Administration Instructions in English and Spanish

The SOSI-M includes 14 sets of administered items that assess proprioception, vestibular processing, motor planning, and postural control.

  • Romberg (firm and soft surface, eyes open and closed)
  • Heel to Toe (firm and soft surface, eyes open and closed)
  • Standing on One Foot (eyes open and closed)
  • Modified Postural Schilder’s Arm Extension Test
  • Skipping
  • Series of Jumps (jumping jacks; symmetric and reciprocal stride jumps)
  • High Kneeling (right and left weight shift and reach)
  • Antigravity Extension
  • Antigravity Flexion
  • Ocular Movements (vertical and horizontal)
  • Slow Ramp Movements
  • Sequential Finger Touching
  • Diadochokinesis (right, left, and bilateral)
  • Projected Actions in Time and Space (ball in the air and ball against the wall)

Comprehensive Observations of Proprioception (COP-R)

In conjunction with the SOSI-M, the COP-R, a behavioural observation tool, was developed to provide essential information about a child’s proprioceptive processing. The COP-R is comprised of 18 items and compares a child’s observed skills to typical children their age. This tool provides information about the motor and behavioural skills linked to proprioceptive processing. It is one of the first tools to provide a systematic way to measure proprioception in a clinical setting.

Table of Contents

The SOSI-M kit includes:

  • Administration Manual (+ Spanish Administration Manual)
  • Quick Start Administration Guide
  • 25 Record Forms
  • 25 Comprehensive Observations of Proprioception (COP-R) Forms
  • one 15 cm and 20 cm square
  • one 8-1/2 x 11 projected actions target
  • tennis ball
  • pencil and pencil topper, stopwatch.
  • Airex foam mat
  • Tote bag

Also included in each kit: A redemption code card for 10 free SOSI-M scoring reports and 10 free COP-R scoring reports from ATPOnline.

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img_8797Structured Observations of Sensory Integration-Motor (S
SOSI-M Quick Start Administration Guide
SOSI-M Record Forms
pack of 25
SOSI-M Manual
COP-R Forms
Pack of 25