Pronouns Double Dice Add-On Deck with Dice: Set with Cards & Double Dice

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Rachele Ellsworth

  • Pronouns Double Dice Add-On Deck with Dice

54 pages
Age Range: 5 to 12

Pronouns Double Dice Deck is an interactive way to engage students who are having difficulty in understanding and producing pronouns correctly. It targets third-person pronouns in the following areas:

  • Number (singular/plural)
  • Gender (male/female/neutral)
  • Case (subjective/objective/possessive)

Your students will get plenty of practice with the following pronouns:

  • She
  • He
  • They
  • Theirs
  • Her
  • Him
  • Them
  • It
  • Hers
  • His
  • Their
  • Mixed

Here is how it works:

  • A student rolls the double dice and it lands on a shape.
  • The student turns over the card with the corresponding shape.
  • The student completes the specific pronoun sentence that corresponds to the number indicated on the inner die.

Students get plenty of practice (up to 216 different pronoun sentences). It comes in a sturdy tin box. Cards are large (measuring 3" x 5") and contain colourful photographs.

Includes Double Dice.

Table of Contents

  • 54 playing cards
  • storage tin
  • one Double Dice
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Pronouns Double Dice Add-On Deck with Dice
Set with Cards & Double Dice
Pronouns Double Dice Deck
Add-On Deck
Double Dice
For use with Double Dice Decks & Workbooks