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parent’s quick start guide to dyslexia

Parent’s Quick Start Guide to Dyslexia


Provides parents and caregivers with an immediate overview of dyslexia and steps to sup...

peggy little-legs

Peggy Little-Legs


A sausage dog discovers that, despite being small, she has strengths of her very own in...

the phoneme stories combo

The Phoneme Stories Combo


A unique approach to phonemes & teaching English designed to appeal to primary aged chi...

the phonics playbook

The Phonics Playbook


A guide for K-3 educators who need to teach phonics at different levels in diverse clas...

the piano at the station

The Piano at the Station


Constantly in trouble at school, Lacey's future looks bleak until she discovers a love ...

positive body image activity cards

Positive Body Image Activity Cards


Promote and develop body image through easy-to-use activities.

positive thinking skills

Positive Thinking Skills


Develop positive thinking habits and build emotional resilience through user-friendly a...

power readers teacher set with program guide

Power Readers Teacher Set with Program Guide


28 decodable stories with pre- and post-reading skill-building activities. Trusted in c...

psychological treatment approaches for young children and their families

Psychological Treatment Approaches for Young Children and...


Distils the very latest knowledge on complex trauma, its effects on children in the sch...

the psychosis and mental health recovery workbook

The Psychosis and Mental Health Recovery Workbook


First workbook designed to support teens & young adults with psychosis & related mental...