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i am an autistic girl

I am an Autistic Girl


Simply, clearly and positively explains the social differences to help Aspie Girls aged...

i think i think a lot

I Think I Think a Lot


Inspired by the author’s experience with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), this st...

in my feelings

In My Feelings


Give teens the tools to decipher their emotions, understand themselves, and improve the...

inclusive education for the 21st century

Inclusive Education for the 21st Century


Foundational principles & evidence-based classroom strategies for effective inclusive p...

info 101 - music

Info 101 - Music


Hi-lo nonfiction for older struggling readers. Discover the history behind popular type...

info 101 - series

Info 101 - Series


15 Hi-lo nonfiction books for older struggling readers. Photos & diagrams support compr...

interventions in cases of bullying in schools

Interventions in Cases of Bullying in Schools


Renowned bullying expert Ken Rigby draws on 50 years of practice and research to help s...

is it dyslexia?

Is It Dyslexia?


Hands-on resources for screening readers of all ages for dyslexia

is this autism?

Is This Autism?


Clarifies many ways that autism can present, particularly in people who camouflage to h...

it's my life curriculum

It's My Life Curriculum

Comprehensive life skills curriculum designed to help adolescents & adults with moderat...