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Speech, Language and Communication for Healthy Little Minds: Practical Ideas to Promote Communication for Wellbeing in the Early Years

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Becky Poulter Jewson, Rebecca Skinner

  • Speech, Language and Communication for Healthy Little Minds

174 pages
ISBN: 9781032371252

This book is packed with practical ideas and techniques to enable early years educators to support the communication development of the children in their setting and to understand the relationship between communication and emotional wellbeing.

By forming an understanding of the science behind emotional regulation and the role of the adult in supporting the development of this, the book explores how emotions can impact learning and communication skills, and why we must understand how adult responses and communication have a direct impact on emotional wellbeing.

Each chapter provides:

  • practical ideas which will create a culture of communication and connection
  • research and case studies with plenty of opportunities for the reader to reflect on their own practice and interaction style
  • top tips and ideas for promoting speech and language skills in the early years environment; and
  • an awareness of how to support the language development and emotional wellbeing of children who are struggling to communicate

Emotions impact interactions, and interactions impact communication and connectedness. This book enables and empowers the reader to understand what communication and wellbeing really look like in the early years environment, and how we can use this knowledge to improve long-term outcomes for children’s learning and mental health. It is essential reading for all early years educators.

Key features:

  • Children cannot learn if they do not feel safe and secure – this book provides the practitioner with tools to support all children to reach their potential. Easy to use and accessible for the busy early years practitioner. Reflective and research-based – a great tool for CPD, either individually or as a whole team. Shares the voice of the child through specific case studies exploring emotional wellbeing and communication. Key research is presented in an accessible format and underpins the practical ideas which are provided in each chapter.

Table of Contents




Chapter 1 – Communication and Connection

Chapter 2 – Am I safe, Do I Matter, Do You Hear Me?

Chapter 3 – Speech, Language and Communication Needs

Chapter 4 – Creating Environments Where All Children Are Understood

Chapter 5 – Sharing the Love