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the dance of differentiation

The Dance of Differentiation


Empowers educators to tailor learning experiences that meet the diverse needs of every ...

dandelion card games

Dandelion Card Games


6 beautifully designed card games offering practice & consolidation of phonic skills fo...

dandelion world

Dandelion World

A new non-fiction series from PhonicBooks. aimed at children in Early Years. Each stage...

dandelion world stages 1-7

Dandelion World Stages 1-7


14 non-fiction books aimed at children in Early Years, each stage introduces a few soun...

dandelion world stages 1-7 combo

Dandelion World Stages 1-7 Combo


Non-fiction books with reproducible Activity book aimed at children in Early Years, in...

dandelion world stages 16-20

Dandelion World Stages 16-20


10 non-fiction books aimed at Pre-K to Kindergarten children, each stage introduces spe...

dandelion world stages 16-20 combo

Dandelion World Stages 16-20 Combo


Non-fiction books introducing spellings, suffixes and simple two-syllable words, with a...

dandelion world stages 16-20 reading & writing activities

Dandelion World Stages 16-20 Reading & Writing Activities


A reproducible resource that accompanies Dandelion World Stages 16-20 non-fiction readers.

dandelion world stages 8-15

Dandelion World Stages 8-15


Aimed at Pre-K to Kindergarten children,introduces words with adjacent consonants (cons...

dandelion world stages 8-15 combo

Dandelion World Stages 8-15 Combo


Non-fiction books introducing words with adjacent consonants (consonant blends) & conso...

the day the hiccups took over

The Day the Hiccups Took Over


Frank has a big day ahead of him, but all that is put at risk when Frank wakes up with ...

dear dad - love, nelson

Dear Dad - Love, Nelson


A boy's letters to his incarcerated father help them stay connected even while they're ...

decibella and her 6-inch voice

Decibella and Her 6-Inch Voice


A humorous tale to show children how and when to use a softer, quieter voice by introdu...

developing early verbal skills through music

Developing Early Verbal Skills Through Music


Guide to using music & rhythm to develop and strengthen speech in children with learnin...

different minds

Different Minds


An insight for parents & professionals into the challenges & benefits specific to gifte...

different thinkers - adhd

Different Thinkers - ADHD


For elementary-age children & their families, empowers young readers to better understa...

a different way to learn

A Different Way to Learn


A book for parents to explain why self-directed education for neurodivergent children w...




Kitty dreams of competing in the world’s first long-distance air race. But little doe...




In this high-interest accessible novel for teen readers, Dex is dropped onto a deserted...

drowning in my bedroom

Drowning In My Bedroom


The terrifying impact of global warming on vulnerable lives is laid bare in this grippi...

dyslexia friendly classics retold

Dyslexia Friendly Classics Retold


Classic literature for 13 to 18 year olds - short novels with a reading age of 9 years....