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Parent Training for Disruptive Behavior Parent Workbook: The RUBI Autism Network

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Karen Bearss, Cynthia R Johnson, Benjamin L Handen, Eric Butter, Luc Lecavalier, Tristram Smith, Lawrence Scahill

  • Parent Training for Disruptive Behavior Parent Workbook

ISBN: 9780190627843

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) involves difficulties in social interaction and communication, restricted interests and repetitive behaviour. Approximately half of children with ASD also exhibit disruptive behaviours such as tantrums and aggression, which can be stressful for the child and family.

Parent Training for Disruptive Behavior is an 11-session intervention for parents who wish to learn how to reduce disruptive behaviours and increase adaptive skills in their children with ASD. Each session introduces effective behaviour change strategies and includes easy-to-use worksheets, checklists, and take-home activities to help parents apply what they have learned. By participating in this intervention with a trained therapist, parents can help their children overcome behaviour problems, promoting happier kids and families.

Table of Contents


Introduction to the RUBI Parent Workbook

Core Sessions

  • Session 1: Behavioral Principles
  • Session 2: Prevention Strategies
  • Session 3: Daily Schedules
  • Session 4: Reinforcement 1
  • Session 5: Reinforcement 2
  • Session 6: Planned Ignoring
  • Session 7: Compliance Training
  • Session 8: Functional Communication Training
  • Session 9: Teaching Skills 1
  • Session 10: Teaching Skills 2
  • Session 11: Generalization and Maintenance

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