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Leading Positive Classrooms: Adopting an educative approach to behaviour management in schools

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Christopher Hudson Australian author

  • Leading Positive Classrooms
  • Leading Positive Classrooms
    Offers a roadmap to shift the focus from managing, to leading behaviour, to create a positive & transformative learning environment

206 pages
ISBN: 9781923116375

In a time where Australian classrooms are grappling with a rising tide of student misbehaviour exacerbated by a looming teacher shortage, this book emerges as a beacon of change. Christopher Hudson challenges the archaic disciplinarian approach, urging educators to evolve with the times and view behaviour as a skill to be taught, modelled and practised.

Leading Positive Classrooms makes a compelling case for adopting an educative approach to behaviour management with a focus on relationships. It offers practical insights and tools for change including exemplar conversational scripts, real-world strategies and reflection activities. This powerful resource offers a roadmap to shift the focus from managing behaviour to leading behaviour, ultimately creating a positive and transformative learning environment.

"I commend this book for both beginning teachers and those well into their teaching journey." – Dr Bill Rogers

"Christopher provides a comprehensive, well-grounded research basis for how we lead for behaviour and learning in the classroom. He pursues the practical realities of behaviour leadership from a sound psychological and humanitarian basis. A particular strength of this book is that it grounds the crucial theoretical with the essential practical. I commend this book for both beginning teachers and those well into their teaching journey. Those who teach undergraduate teachers will also find this book a most valuable resource in equipping future teachers who take on the crucial professional role of teacher-leaders in schools."
- Dr Bill Rogers, Behaviour Specialist and Education Consultant

"This book calls for a rebalancing of the power dynamics in classrooms, seeking first to understand a child’s behaviour before proactively supporting them to thrive. Christopher takes a holistic approach to behaviour education and, in doing so, he challenges the longstanding notion of the authoritarian teacher. He argues the need for teachers to build positive connections with students to provide a pathway for them to flourish as learners."
- Lauren Davis, Deputy Principal, St John’s Primary School

"Christopher adopts a student-centric approach, highlighting the significance of nurturing relationships, fostering teamwork and building collaboration to adeptly meet the diverse needs of today’s learners. The text melds whole-school behaviour strategies with practical, classroom-ready methodologies. Whether you are about to embark on your teaching journey or have traversed many years in the profession, this book is the ideal companion."
- Dr Tom Porta, Lecturer in Initial and Continuing Teacher Education, Flinders University