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Language for Life: Where linguistics meets teaching

$63.63  Paperback
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Lyn Stone Australian author

  • Language for Life
  • Language for Life
    A proven programme of explicit, step-by-step English language instruction via lessons in syntax, grammar, morphology, etymology and punctuation

310 pages
ISBN: 9781138899308

We all recognise how important first impressions are: something often formed by how well we speak and write. Language for Life shows how language can be mastered by children and how what they have learned can be carried throughout their lives.

This indispensable guidebook for teachers arms pupils with the mental skill of thinking about language. This in turn helps children learn much more easily from the language around them. This book delivers explicit, step-by-step English language instruction via lessons in syntax, grammar, morphology, etymology and punctuation. Language for Life is a proven programme that is built upon years of experience. Lyn Stones pragmatic and modern approach is supported by feedback from teachers and pupils alike who have attended her numerous classes and workshops.

Language for Life turns important research findings into evidence-based, effective classroom practice. This book helps teachers:

  • learn more about language structure
  • guide the development of skills to write accurately and in increasing volume
  • support the emergence of clear and organised thinking for writing
  • help pupils reach their full potential as readers and writers.

Brimming with vital information suitable for both basic and advanced level students, this book is an essential tool for all teachers wishing to give their pupils the best preparation possible to meet the demands of the modern world.

Photocopiable worksheets throughout the book put teachers in the position of linguistic expert, guiding pupils through an enriching journey of language discovery and creativity.

Table of Contents




Section 1. Grammar for Life

  • Introduction
  • The Universals
  1. Nouns
  2. Determiners
  3. Pronouns
  4. Verbs
  5. Agreement
  6. Tense Parts of speech progress check
  7. Adjectives
  8. Adverbs Parts of speech progress check 2
  9. Prepositions
  10. Conjunctions Parts of speech final progress check
  11. Phrases
  12. Clauses

Section 2. Dictionaries

  1. How to start using a dictionary

Section 3 Morphology for Life

  1. Prefixes
  2. Suffixes
  3. Root words

Section 4. Punctuation for Life

  1. Punctuation activities

Section 5. Information for teachers

  1. Language and literacy
  2. Language impairment
  3. Language change
  4. Language myths
  5. Redundancy
  6. Figurative language
  7. The -ize have it (or, is it because -ise Scottish?)

Section 6. Resources for everyone

Appendix 1. Word cards

Appendix 2. Latin and Greek morphemes

Appendix 3. Mnemonics