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Understanding and Supporting Children with Literacy Difficulties: An Evidence-Based Guide for Practitioners

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Valerie Muter, Margaret Snowling

  • Understanding and Supporting Children with Literacy Difficulties

288 pages
ISBN: 9781787750579

Learning to read is arguably the single most important educational challenge a child faces in the first years of schooling, setting a child up for future academic success and opportunities. However, it is estimated that one in six children experience literacy difficulties.

This is the go-to book for psychologists, educationalists and other professionals wanting a deeper understanding of current thinking around dyslexia, reading comprehension difficulties, and related SpLDs. Drawing on six fictional case studies to illustrate her points, and using examples of good practice throughout, Valerie Muter unpacks the latest psychological theories and research on literacy disorders.

She discusses the interconnections between underlying cognitive problems and learning and educational and behavioural issues, as well as the common co-occurrence of these conditions. This authoritative book also provides accessible guidance on making assessments and tailoring interventions within the home or school.

Written by a lead thinker in the field, this is an essential evidence-based guide for those working with children with literacy difficulties and supporting them to achieve their full potential.

Table of Contents

  1. The Development of Literacy Skills
  2. When Literacy Development Goes Wrong: Literacy Disorders
  3. Beyond the Single Deficit Model: Explaining Individual Differences
  4. Beyond the Single Deficit Model: Explaining Co-occurrence
  5. Assessment and Formulation of Literacy Difficulties
  6. Assessing Children with Co-occurring Difficulties
  7. Literacy Interventions
  8. Beyond Literacy Intervention
  9. Bilingualism: A Sociocultural Risk Factor
  10. Extreme Prematurity: A Neurological Risk Factor

"Understanding and Supporting Children with Literacy Difficulties is a must for all professionals wishing to understand the reading processes and its relationship with effective intervention. Valerie Muter points out that learning to read has lifelong implications and it is crucial that we get this right, at the right time. Theoretical underpinnings, best practices in assessment and intervention, detailed longitudinal case studies, explanation of key concepts in reading and co-occurring and multidimensional issues are all included in this comprehensive book. We are indebted to Valerie Muter for sharing the fruits of her long and successful career in this field in this clearly written practical guide for all professionals with an interest in literacy development. This book, both broad in scope, yet rich in informative and evidenced based practices is a must for all schools!"
- Gavin Reid, Independent Practitioner Psychologist, renowned author of books on dyslexia

"The ability to translate theory into practice is a rare skill that shines through the pages of this excellent guide. It is highly recommended to professionals, practitioners, and interested parents who wish to understand how best to prevent, ameliorate and compensate for the difficulties associated with language and literacy disorders in the school age child and it has much to say that is relevant to other learning disorders as well."
- Margaret Snowling, CBE, FBA, FMed Sci.