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Helping Children with Dyslexia: 21 Super Strategies to Ensure Your Child's Success at School

$27.23  Paperback
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Liz Dunoon, foreward by Sir Richard Branson Australian author

  • Helping Children with Dyslexia
  • Helping Children with Dyslexia
    Bestselling author of the Dyslexia Daily website, Liz Dunoon, shows you how to ensure your dyslexic child's success at school

237 pages
ISBN: 9781921630293

This title includes a book and a DVD. Is your child struggling at school? To Read?.. To Write? To Remember? ...To Learn? This book shows you how to ensure your child's success at school.

You will find out:

  • how to tell if your child is dyslexic and what to do next;
  • the secret to stopping your child's tears and tantrums over school and homework;
  • how to help your child to regain their confidence and self-esteem;
  • proven strategies to help your child catch up when they have fallen behind at school;
  • how to talk to teachers, choose the right school and get a support system in place;
  • how to access 100's of free learning aids and resources;
  • why your child can 'overcome' dyslexia and look forward to a happy and successful future; and,
  • how to teach your child to Read, Write & Spell and do Maths.

This book will help you take Immediate Control of your Child's destiny.