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2nd Edition

Extending Support for Key Stage 2 and 3 Dyslexic Pupils, their Teachers and Support Staff, 2ed: The Dragonfly Games

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Sally Raymond

  • Extending Support for Key Stage 2 and 3 Dyslexic Pupils, their Teachers and Support Staff, 2ed

82 pages
Interest Age: 7 to 14
ISBN: 9781138774605

Dragonfly Games is designed for use with small groups of dyslexic pupils. These practical and varied resources can be used inside and outside of the classroom to encourage over-learning and revision of curriculum topics. Stimulating and fun to do, the games help pupils:

  • Overcome specific barriers to learning through the use of experience, over-learning and discovery
  • Master skills beyond those of literacy and numeracy development, including thinking skills, tactical strategies, sequential application and gamesmanship.
  • Devise their own games, developing their ability to use varied methods of application, useful for overcoming learning weaknesses within their own specific profile. .

Fully updated in its second edition, this book builds on the success of the author’s Dragonfly Worksheets, as featured in her previous book Supporting Dyslexia Pupils Across the Curriculum and can be used independently or in conjunction this resource. Dragonfly Games further extends the practitioner's portfolio of materials designed to successfully and effectively support the dyslexic learner.

"This isn't learning: this is fun!" - dyslexic pupil

"Fantastic ideas that engage learners in their learning: thank you!" - Teaching Assistant

"I like finding tactics which help me win!" dyslexic pupil

"My son is now asking to play spelling games!" - parent

"I like playing homework games with my dad." - dyslexic pupil

"Its easy to adapt a game to suit different topics." Teacher

"Things aren't so difficult now I know how to make hard things fun." dyslexic pupil

Table of Contents


Meeting the needs of dyslexic pupils

Support throughout the curriculum

Processing weaknesses found within the dyslexic profile

The Dragonfly Games