Defusing Anger and Aggression: Safe Strategies for Secondary School Educators

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Geoff Colvin Australian author

Defusing Anger and Aggression

Age Range: 12 to 18
ISBN: 9781932969115

Student anger and aggression is a major problem facing schools today. To reclaim their schools as safe places for learning, teachers and staff need effective, non-confrontational strategies for managing student aggression.

Dr. Geoff Colvin analyses aggressive behaviour and describes effective strategies for defusing it. Six vignettes dramatically contrast how problem behaviour can be escalated or defused. Vignettes cover the following key topics:

  • Managing off-task behaviour
  • Responding to provocative behaviour
  • Addressing disrespectful behaviour
  • Identifying and reducing agitation
  • Establishing limits
  • Disengaging from dangerous situations

Educational kit includes: DVD (30 min), viewer guide, sturdy case.

"I can definitely say that Defusing Anger and Aggression taught me more in one video than a year of classes."
- Taylor Hall, University of Hawaii Manoa

"Dr. Colvin's common sense and culturally sensitive approach to this topic is the best I have seen. A must see for faculties and staff across the nation."
- Dr Charles L Hopson, Middle School Principal, Portland, Oregon