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Managing Noncompliance and Defiance in the Classroom: A Road Map for Teachers, Specialists, and Behavior Support Teams

$50.23  Softcover
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Geoff Colvin, foreword by Randy Sprick Australian author

  • Managing Noncompliance and Defiance in the Classroom

152 pages
Interest Age: 5 to 18
ISBN: 9781412960892

This book provides K–12 educators with an in-depth understanding of the many behaviours students exhibit in the classroom, especially noncompliance and defiance. School safety and student behaviour expert Geoff Colvin fully describes and illustrates a procedure for assessing noncompliant behaviour and identifying key factors that contribute to and foster this challenging problem behaviour. The book offers a systematic approach for using an array of evidence-based strategies for each contributing factor to reduce noncompliant behaviour and establish cooperation. This is an ideal resource for teachers, behaviour specialists, and behaviour support teams that provides:

  • Details for understanding & assessing noncompliance/defiance
  • Procedural guidelines to assist readers in developing systematic intervention plans based on assessment information and available strategies
  • Case studies and examples of the model in action
  • Additional resources to help pursue further information