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Behavior Intervention Without Tears: Keeping FBAs and BIPs Simple

$50  Paperback
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Terri Chiara Johnston

  • Behavior Intervention Without Tears

166 pages
ISBN: 9780878226894

This book tackles basic issues involved in constructing sound functional behavioral assessments (FBAs) and behavior intervention plans (BIPs). Written in the author’s trademark conversational style, contents pinpoint ways to teach new skills and alternative behaviors to address behavioral challenges.

Teachers, counselors, and others will learn how to:

  • Use the simple A-B-Cs of learning to prevent, not react to, behavior problems.
  • Understand the basic components of an FBA and choose and describe target behaviors so everyone involved can chart them.
  • See how knowledge of a youngster’s escalation and de-escalation cycles determines the success of behavioral interventions.
  • Integrate simple data collection methods in the FBA/BIP process and write crystal-clear hypothesis statements.
  • Identify antecedents and consequences of behavior and manage the context in which behavior problems occur.
  • Teach new behavior by controlling the environment and reinforcing youngsters strategically
  • Intervene effectively to get rapid reduction of problem behaviors.

The perfect companion to the second edition of the author’s bestselling Research Press book Data Without Tears: How to Write Measurable Educational Goals and Collect Meaningful Data.