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6th Edition

Alpha to Omega Teacher's Handbook Pack

$127.73  Spiral Bound
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Beve Hornsby, Frula Shear, Julie Pool

  • Alpha to Omega Teacher's Handbook Pack

ISBN: 9780435125929

Alpha to Omega is a clearly structured programme offering a linguistic, phonic approach to the teaching of reading, writing and spelling. Since its publications in 1974, Alpha to Omega has gained an unparalleled reputation amongst specialists in the field and has been of vital help to students with learning difficulties, including dyslexia.

The sixth edition has the tried and tested successful features of Alpha to Omega and has been updated by practitioners at Dyslexia Action (the world's only national dyslexia teaching body) with: a revised and updated Teacher's Guide containing up-to-date strategies, new dictation sentences and a new Student's Book containing exercises.

Dyslexia Action are using this book as one of the core texts on their teacher training courses, so you can be confident that it can be used to develop the literacy skills of students with dyslexia.


  • Introduction includes current thinking on teaching dyslexic students.
  • Sentences for dictation, plus checklists and charts for spelling patterns.
  • Clearly cross-referenced to both the Student Book and the Activity Pack CD-ROM activity sheets.
  • Pack includes a separate copy of the 136-page Alpha to Omega Student's Book containing the reading passages and exercises.
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