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A Different Way to Learn: Neurodiversity and Self-Directed Education

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Naomi Fisher

  • A Different Way to Learn
  • A Different Way to Learn
    A book for parents to explain why self-directed education for neurodivergent children works and how to do it.

240 pages
ISBN: 9781839973635

A book for parents to explain why self-directed education for neurodivergent children works and how to do it.

If you are a parent worrying whether self-directed education will work for your child, because you have been told that they have special needs which can only be met in the school system - think again

Neurodivergent children experience and interact with the world differently to many of their peers. Standard educational systems often fail to adapt to their unique strengths and ways of learning. School, and even the act of learning, can become a source of great anxiety and trauma. Self-directed education offers an alternative to traditional schools that can help neurodivergent children develop at their own pace and thrive.

Blending theory, practical advice and lived experience, clinical psychologist Naomi Fisher introduces the world of self-directed learning and tailoring the learning environment to your child.

This comprehensive overview of self-directed learning is packed with ideas on how to implement it at home and includes interviews from parents of neurodivergent children on how you can make learning differently work for you and your child.

"A really important book giving a platform to the many SEND families who have been largely unheard in the education debate. As always Naomi offers us a fresh perspective on intersection of neurodiversity, learning and environment. A must read for anyone interested in education, psychology or the wonderful diversity of humanity. Highly recommended."
- Kezia Cantwell-Wright, Founder of East Kent Sudbury, Administrator at Sands School

"Everyone knows the mainstream education system doesnt work for everyone, but most people dont realise there is an alternative. In this invaluable book, Naomi Fisher guides us through the world of self-directed education. It should be required reading for all educators, young people and their parents and carers - anyone who has ever wondered if another way is possible. Because its not just possible. Its already happening..."
- Dr James Mannion, Director, Rethinking Education and co-author of Fear is the Mind Killer with Kate McAllister