Tourette Syndrome

can i tell you about tourette syndrome?
Can I Tell you about Tourette Syndrome?
$21.99, Paperback

Max invites readers to learn about Tourette's from his perspective, telling them what tics and triggers are & what it feels like.

kids in the syndrome mix of adhd, ld, autism spectrum, tourette's, anxiety and more!, 2ed
Kids in the Syndrome Mix of ADHD, LD, Autism Spectrum, Tourette's, Anxiety and More!, 2ed
$39.99, Paperback

Fully updated with DSM-5 diagnostic categories. Invaluable advice on dealing with children with special needs.

teaching the tiger
Teaching the Tiger
$69.95, Spiral Bound

This book will prove to be a frequently used reference for anyone involved with children and adults who suffer from these invisible neurological handicaps.

tics and tourette syndrome
Tics and Tourette Syndrome
$26.99, Paperback

This essential guide to tic disorders and Tourette Syndrome tackles problems faced both at home and at school, such as adjusting to the diagnosis, the effect on siblings and classroom difficulties.

the tourette syndrome & ocd checklist
The Tourette Syndrome & OCD Checklist
$26.95, Paperback

Up-to-date, reliable information about Tourette Syndrome and related disorders for teachers and parents.

tourette syndrome, the facts
Tourette Syndrome, The Facts
$26.95, Paperback

Explains the causes of the syndrome, how it is diagnosed, and how to cope if you or a relative has been recently diagnosed.

the tourettes survival kit
The Tourettes Survival Kit
$28.99, Paperback

Top tips for managing tics, alongside behavioural therapy techniques for stress management & strategies for coping