Hearing Impaired

auditory (re)habilitation for adolescents with hearing loss
Auditory (Re)Habilitation for Adolescents with Hearing Loss

Provides practitioners with key milestones for understanding adolescents with hearing loss plus intervention strategies.

auditory communication for deaf children
Auditory Communication for Deaf children

Presents a rationale and framework for auditory learning in childhood and describes a wide range of practical listening activities that adults can apply during everyday interaction with the child.

cued articulation consonants and vowels set
Cued Articulation Consonants and Vowels Set

Originally devised to help severely speech and language handicapped children to see a sound and hear a letter by the use of easy and logical hand cues, Cued Articulation is an invaluable teaching tool.

educating deaf students
Educating Deaf Students

Offers an accessible evaluation of the research literature on the needs and strengths of deaf children and on the methods that have been used; successfully and unsuccessfully; to teach both deaf and hearing children.

effective communication with people who have hearing difficulties
Effective Communication with People Who Have Hearing Difficulties

The information, exercises and case studies in this book will provide the reader with the awareness and knowledge to communicate effectively with people who have hearing difficulties.

glue ear
Glue Ear

Helps teachers understand the implications of temporary hearing loss & shows how to be proactive in tackling the issues

helping deaf and hard of hearing students to use spoken language
Helping Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students to Use Spoken Language

Written by experts in the field, this book provides educators and novice practitioners with the knowledge and skills in spoken language development to meet the needs of students who are deaf or hard of hearing.

if your adolescent has adhd
If Your Adolescent Has ADHD

Readable, reliable guide to evidence-based treatments for ADHD including behavioural therapy, medications & educational interventions

let's hear it for almigal
Let's Hear It For Almigal

A spunky little girl with hearing loss is now determined to hear every single sound in the universe thanks to her new cotton candy pink cochlear implants.

psychological processes in deaf children with complex needs
Psychological Processes in Deaf Children With Complex Needs

A concise and authoritative guide for professionals working with deaf children and hearing impaired children, including practical strategies for treatment and development.

smile therapy
SmiLE Therapy

A proven method for explicit teaching of functional life skills to students with communication difficulties that has demonstrable outcomes.

understanding childhood hearing loss
Understanding Childhood Hearing Loss

The impact that hearing loss can have on a child’s language, intellectual, social & emotional development.

understanding hearing loss
Understanding Hearing Loss

Explains sound, hearing, hearing loss and the relationship between listening to speech and different kinds of hearing loss.

waddington eye and ear testing pack 2nd edition
Waddington Eye and Ear Testing Pack 2nd Edition

The tests provided in this pack will assist teachers to detect children with vision and hearing problems in their classrooms.

webber functional communication games
Webber Functional Communication Games
$149.95 Our Price - $139.95

Teach non-verbal students to communicate using Boardmaker Picture Communication Symbols

writing development in children with hearing loss, dyslexia, or oral language problems
Writing Development in Children with Hearing Loss, Dyslexia, or Oral Language Problems

Considers the impact of different kinds of oral language problems (caused by hearing loss, language impairment, and dyslexia) on writing.