Cued Articulation Consonants and Vowels Set: Revised Edition

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Jane Passy Australian author

Cued Articulation Consonants and Vowels Set


Originally devised to help severely speech and language handicapped children to see a sound and hear a letter by the use of easy and logical hand cues, the Cued Articulation system has, over the last three decades, proved an invaluable teaching tool. Its potential and practicality is widespread and utilised by speech pathologists; speech and language therapists; remedial and reading recovery teachers who find the approach helpful in showing phoneme-grapheme relationships; and primary teachers who use it in the classroom to teach children the sounds of speech.

Teachers who teach the pronunciation of English as a second language to those learning English also find it extremely useful, as do teachers of the hearing impaired who want their students to see the sounds they cannot hear.

The Cued Articulation 2010 set includes:

  • the manual which combines the consonants, vowels, colour coding and demonstrative images of the Cued Articulation system under one cover.
  • instructional, interactive DVD which includes demonstrations of the cues and sounds,
  • set of full colour cards demonstrating each of the cues.
  • full colour Consonants Poster (2) and
  • full colour Vowels Poster (2).