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100 Completely New Ideas for Managing Behaviour

$24.5  Paperback
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Johnnie Young

  • 100 Completely New Ideas for Managing Behaviour

136 pages
Interest Age: 11 to 18
ISBN: 9781441169082

This pick-and-mix treasure trove of advice is brimming with tried-and-tested strategies for managing behaviour in the secondary classroom.

The book contains 100 completely new ideas including:

  • suggested scripts and keywords designed to pacify even the most aggressive situation
  • short-term and longer term strategies
  • advice on pre-empting and avoiding challenging behaviour
  • ideas for thinking on your feet in extreme circumstances

This book will be invaluable to trainee teachers and NQTs, but it will also give experienced teachers new ideas and inspiration for better managing their students' behaviour.

Table of Contents

  1. Core Skills You Absolutely Must Learn
  2. Be One Step Ahead
  3. It's Not What You Teach, It's How You Teach It
  4. The Language and Attitude of Success
  5. For Immediate Effect
  6. Building Longer Term Strategies
  7. Common Dangers and How to Avoid Them
  8. Getting to the Heart of Problems through Role Plays
  9. Dealing with Extreme Behaviours
  10. A Few "Off The Wall" Strategies