What to Do When You're Scared and Worried: A guide for kids

$18.95  Paperback
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James J Crist

  • What to Do When You're Scared and Worried

128 pages
Age Range: 9 to 13
Level: 5th Grade Readability
ISBN: 9781575421537

From a dread of spiders to panic attacks, kids have worries, anxiety,and fears, just like adults. This is a book kids can turn to when they need advice, reassurance, and ideas. They'll find out where fears and worries come from, practice Fear Chasers and Worry Erasers, and learn to seek help for hard-to-handle fears they can't manage on their own.

Look inside to learn:

  • What other kids are scared and worried about you're not alone
  • Where fears and worries come from
  • How your body and mind work together to make fears worse or better
  • Fear Chasers and Worry Erasers 10 things you can try to feel safer, stronger and calmer
  • Facts about phobias, constant worrying, panic attacks, and other problems too big to handle on your own
  • When and how to get help from an expert
  • A special Not to Grown-ups to share with your parent or another family adult
  • A list of resources (books, organisations and web sites) for when you want to know more

Many kids and adults have overcome their fears by using the ideas in this book. You can, too.