Using Intensive Interaction and Sensory Integration: A Handbook for Those who Support People with Severe Autistic Spectrum Disorder

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Phoebe Caldwell

Using Intensive Interaction and Sensory Integration
112 pages
ISBN: 9781843106265

People with severe autism experience the sensory information they receive from the world completely differently to those not on the spectrum. They feel cut off, overwhelmed and and retreat into a world of their own. Their behaviour can become very distressed.

This handbook shows how we can engage with people who are non-verbal or semi-verbal and sometimes even those who have speech but lose the power to process this when they are in crisis. We can help them to make sense of the world.

With illustrations, case examples and a wide range of tried-and-tested techniques, this is a practical nuts-and-bolts guide to using Intensive Interaction and Sensory Integration and taking steps to reduce environmental factors that cause the person with autism distress.

It provides indispensable tools for parents, carers and other professionals supporting people with severe autism and other learning disabilities.

Table of Contents

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  1. Introduction.
  2. A Different Sensory Experience
  3. Alternative Viewpoints.
  4. Sensory Distress and its Causes.
  5. Sensory Distortions - Hypersensitivities.
  6. Emotional Overload Embarrassment.
  7. Confusing Messages
  8. Case Study: A Day in the Life of Mike.
  9. Intensive Interaction.
  10. So what about Distressed Behaviour?


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