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Uniquely Normal: Tapping the Reservoir of Normalcy to Treat Autism

$27  Paperback
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Robert J Bernstein, Robin Cantor-Cooke

  • Uniquely Normal
  • Uniquely Normal
    A cognition-based approach to work with people with autism on their terms, and allow them to lead.

401 pages
Age Range: 2 to 18
ISBN: 9781941765463

Author Robert J. Bernstein has found a different approach based on cognition thinking in helping people of all ages with ASD. Author's goal is for people with ASD to be able to live in the world and connect with the people in it as themselves, to express their unique humanity and engage more fully in the human interactions that give life meaning and make it worth the effort of getting out of bed every day. Author believes that whatever he does therapeutically must be on the ASD individual’s terms; he or she must lead. Author's therapy examples are categorized by age groups of: 2-5 years of age, 6-10 years of age, 11-14 years of age and 19 years of age and up.