Turn & Talk Vocalic R Book: Fun Practice with Prevocalic and Vocalic R in Words, Phrases, and Sentences!

$58.95  Spiral Bound
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Maria D'Avanzo

  • Turn & Talk Vocalic R Book
  • Turn & Talk Vocalic R Book
    An ideal articulation tool for beginning readers because it uses the same R words & pictures in rebus phrases & sentences

60 pages

Turn and Talk Vocalic R gives you a one-stop way to have your students practice Prevocalic and Vocalic R at the word, phrase, and sentence levels. Colourful illustrations accompany each word. This flip book is an ideal articulation tool for beginning readers because it uses the same R words and pictures in rebus phrases and sentences. Turn & Talk is 28cm x 13cm with 60 laminated, double-sided picture pages. Labelled tabs divide each section for easy reference.

Turn & Talk provides R practice using:

  • 150 prevocalic words
  • 90 vocalic words
  • 144 vocalic phrases
  • 72 vocalic sentences

"I got this as a gift from a colleague and it is wonderful! It has a variety of pictures and sounds in different contexts. I use it very frequently with several of my clients, and its impossible for them to get bored. A must for any clinician!"
- SLP - School,  Boston, MA

"I purchased Turn and Talk Vocalic R to work with a 9 year old boy who struggles with tongue placement for /r/. It separates /r/ words into allophones and you can easily flip from one allophone to the next. I work on one allophone per session, and write the words down in my client's speech notebook for practice. I am very pleased with the results!"
- Rina S.,  Long Island, NY

"This provides a variety of familiar words to practice the /r/ placement. It is nice to have one resource instead of flipping through numerous packs of cards. Definitely recommend for any SLP!!"
- Leslie T,  Sykesville, MD

"Love this product! Small enough to keep on my bag between locations. Love the quick and easy access to each sound in words, phrases, and sentences."
- Erin T,  DE

"The Vocalic /r/ flipbook is so handy! No cards to drop or lose! They have every sound organized so well and the kids like working across the card because it is quick and not too long. The illustrations are cute and some vocabulary can be worked in with words like urban. Great product!"
- Sharon,  Valencia, CA

"This book is great for those stubborn /r/'s. Kids like to flip the pages themselves and the vowels change throughout which increases the difficulty, or you can keep all 3 cards the same!"
- Carly H.,  Oak Forest, IL

"Funny pictures. I like how it targets all vowelized 'r'. It's easy to find specific target with the tabs."
- Jennifer B.,  Urbanan IL

"Love this flip book. When you have an older kids working on R this is a great book to keep practice from getting stale."
- Amie R.,  Cupertino, CA

"I love this flip book. There are a lot of practice words for each /r/ sound. I am a traveling therapist and don't leave without it."
- Laura R.,  Chattanooga, TN

"I work with grades 3-5 and many of them are practicing their r in speech. My students love anything like this where they get to flip pages. I love that it has also has sentences with pictures because at this age, most of my students can read."
- Leigh S.,  Charleston, SC

"I love this product. It is perfect for my group who work on Vocalic R. No more messy artic cards!!"
- Kaitlin v,  Florida