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The Stress Reduction Card Deck for Teens: 52 Essential Mindfulness Skills

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Gina M Biegel

  • The Stress Reduction Card Deck for Teens

52 pages
ISBN: 9781684034925

52 mindful cards to bust stress and find your calm--anytime, anywhere.

Feeling stressed? You aren't alone. Between school, friends, dating, family, and planning for the future, it's easy for teens to feel stressed out. But research shows that if you learn a few strategies for getting stress under control now, you'll build the skills you need to deal with problems and difficult feelings in the future. But where do you start?

Based on the go-to de-stress success, The Stress Reduction Workbook for Teens, this card deck offers the same proven-effective mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) approach for soothing stress in a fun, take-anywhere package. Using these cards, you'll find lasting relief from stress so you can focus on your fabulous future!

If you're tired of stress getting in the way of the good things in your life, the mindfulness skills in these cards will help you relax, prioritise, and keep calm - no matter what.

"Bursting with quick-and-easy, proven tools to help any teen become more aware of and better able to manage stress, this card deck is packed with strategies that work! It is fantastic for helping teens who are immediately struggling, as well as for those seeking ways to prevent becoming stressed out in the first place. I highly recommend it to be widely used by therapists, school counselors, parents, and anyone working with teens—and to be utilized with every teen out there."
- Jeffrey Bernstein, PhD, child and teen psychologist, author of The Stress Survival Guide for Teens, Mindfulness for Teen Worry, Letting Go of Anger Card Deck, and 10 Days to a Less Defiant Child

"These cards can be really helpful for teens dealing with stress or anxiety because they can help them figure out how to deal with emotions and relax. I think it’s important for teens to focus on mindfulness, even if it’s for five minutes every day. There are many different mindful activities, so everyone can find one that fits best for them. Some of my favorite cards are Dropping the Anchor, Your Chill Playlist, and Changing Your Perspective. Gina Biegel is a great teacher, and I’m grateful to be certified in her Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction for Teens (MBSR-T) program."
- Wuf Shanti, fifteen-year-old, loves golf and basketball

"Sign me up and take me to mindful island! Biegel knocks it out of the park once again with this indispensable guide for teens. This card deck truly packs a punch with so many accessible tools that are creative, fun, and engaging. Biegel helps remind teens that their phones aren’t the only things that need recharging. She masterfully encourages readers to not only practice essential mindfulness skills, but also teaches critical awareness of what stress really is so that they can beat it each time. I can’t wait to use this deck with my teen clients!"
- Goali Saedi Bocci, PhD, licensed clinical psychologist, adjunct professor at Pepperdine University Graduate School of Education and Psychology, and author of The Social Media Workbook for Teens and Digital Detox Card Deck

"Once again, Gina has succeeded in creating a uniquely engaging, practical, and meaningful resource for teens to gain important tools for managing their behaviors, thoughts, and feelings as well as enhancing their awareness and confidence. Not only are the cards thoughtfully organized to flow and expand upon one another, but they offer an opportunity for deep learning and journaling exercises to process and apply the knowledge and skills gained related to mindfulness and emotional awareness. I look forward to using these in my life-coaching sessions with teens, and sharing them with loved ones!"
- Stacie Cooper, PsyD, teen life coach, MBSR-T instructor, and coauthor of The Mindfulness Workbook for Teen Self-Harm

"In a world where mindlessness is the norm, and all too often people ignore the signs of stress until it’s too late, this card deck offers clinicians an opportunity to provide their clients with usable tools and strategies to help reduce stress. Each card teaches us how to reconnect with ourselves, how to be present in our own lives, and the importance of mindful living. This deck is a must for any clinician who works with adolescents and young adults."
- Jodi Tafarella-Kunz, PsyD, ABSNP, private clinician, mindfulness coach, social skills trainer, parent coach, and school neurophysiologist

"Yet again, Gina Biegel leads the way in making mindfulness relevant to the needs of the twenty-first-century young adult who desperately needs practical and effective stress management solutions. The Stress Reduction Card Deck for Teens is an innovative and timely resource for young adults looking to reduce their stress, as well as live and perform at their best."
- Matthew Dewar, EdD, well-being coordinator at Lake Forest High School

"You can feel the love and expertise that Gina has put into these wonderful cards. As anxiety levels rise across the world, looking after the mental health and well-being of young people is paramount. This simple yet powerful set equips teens with practical tools they can get to work with straightaway. Divided into three perfect parts, I love these cards myself. So great for adults too!"
- Annie Harvey, teacher, TEDx speaker, and author of The Little Book of Still

"Gina’s stress reduction cards are an incredibly useful tool. They are easy to use, cover very important topics with few words, and offer great, implementable suggestions. Helping youth identify their thoughts and emotions, and teaching them to take appropriate action, will help move kids out of their heads into the present moment where there is much good to be found. Helping them recognize the positive stuff in their lives is a sure path to more calm and joy. Teens’ lives have become frighteningly difficult. Statistics about the declining mental health of our youth should be of concern to all of us. We must help our kids, and Gina’s cards are a simple way to do so. Gina’s cards should be a must in every teen’s backpack."
- Laurie Grossman, director of social justice and educational equity at Inner Explorer, cofounder of Mindful Schools, and coauthor of Breath Friends Forever and Master of Mindfulness

"With teen stress and loneliness higher than it’s ever been before, The Stress Reduction Card Deck for Teens is just in time. Full of easy-to-remember and easy-to-practice mindfulness skills, this deck with help teens learn ways to manage their stress immediately. Each card contains a doable practice that can be read and implemented in less than five minutes—and research shows that five minutes a day makes a difference in cultivating stronger and healthier mental habits. I will be using this with both the at-risk teens I work with, as well as my own teenagers."
- Cheryl Sosnowski, MMT, owner of Create Space Studio, and creator of Be Artful & Mindful