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Supporting Positive Behaviour in Intellectual Disabilities and Autism: Practical Strategies for Addressing Challenging Behaviour

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Tony Osgood

  • Supporting Positive Behaviour in Intellectual Disabilities and Autism

240 pages
ISBN: 9781787751323

Supporting Positive Behaviour in Intellectual Disabilities and Autism is highly practical, accessible and grounded handbook for addressing challenging behaviour in children and adults with intellectual or developmental disabilities (IDD), including autism. It recognises that challenging behaviour does not appear out of nowhere and is meaningful for the person exhibiting it. Behaviour can be communicative and an important signifier of underlying sensory or environmental issues.

Focusing on a person-centred approach throughout, the book has advice and strategies for working with the client's families, support staff and professionals. It also presents best practice for analysing and addressing challenging behaviour in various settings such as schools, hospitals and the home, all while stressing the need to keep the human story at the heart of any assessment and intervention.

Each chapter features questions for discussion or reflection and exercises for the reader to complete.

Informal, frank and free of jargon, this is indispensable for professionals, parents, and anyone working with people with intellectual disability or autism.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Manifesto: A Bill of Rights (and Wrongs)
  3. Working Together or Pulling Apart?
  4. Behaviour is Lawful even when Awful: Exotic Communication
  5. The Elephants in the Room: On Being Person Centred
  6. Exploring: Understanding a Different Story
  7. being There and Doing More: Support Strategies
  8. Hits Happen: Keeping Things Together when Things go Wrong
  9. What People Have Taught Me
  10. Afterword: What I Think When I Talk about Autism


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