couples with intellectual disabilities talk about living and loving
Couples with Intellectual Disabilities Talk about Living and Loving
$39.95 FREE,

Collects profiles of people with disabilities who speak about their lovers and partners

doing good together
Doing Good Together
$47.50 FREE,

Hands-on service learning projects focus on easing poverty, promoting literacy, helping the environment and more.

down syndrome the first 18 months dvd
Down Syndrome the First 18 Months DVD
$69.95 FREE,

An inspiring DVD for parents who want to know more & great for support groups & professionals to support families.

helping out and staying safe
Helping out and Staying Safe
$13.95 FREE,

Helps kids learn the four Empowerment Assets: Community Values Children, Children as Resources, Service to Others, and Safety

kids with down syndrome dvd
Kids with Down Syndrome DVD
$56.50 FREE,

Parents and professionals from around the world, including Australa and NZ, explore the milestones of childhood with Down syndrome: walking, talking, reading, friendships, going to school and the blossoming of personality and independence.

a kids' guide to protecting & caring for animals
A Kids' Guide to Protecting & Caring for Animals
$12.95 FREE,

Hands on workbook for kids to plan & do meaningful projects.`

loving to learn
Loving to Learn
$13.95 FREE,

Build the Commitment to Learning Assets: Achievement Motivation, Learning Engagement, Homework, Bonding to Adults at School, & Reading for Pleasure.

the new bully free classroom, 3ed
The New Bully Free Classroom, 3ed
$68.95 FREE,

Takes a closer look at what bullying is and places renewed emphasis on the role (and power) of bystanders.

people who care about you
People who care about You
$13.95 FREE,

Introduces and describes the six support assets: Family Support, Positive Family Communication, Other Adult Relationships, Caring Neighborhood, Caring School Climate, and Parent Involvement in Schooling.

ready for bed
Ready for Bed
$18.95 FREE,

Ready for Bed! shows parents how to handle daily transitions by giving encouragement, offering choices, and validating feelings.

ready for the day
Ready for the Day
$18.95 FREE,

Getting a pre-schooler out the door in the morning can be a tricky battle of wills complete with crying and complaining. This book offers healthy, lasting solutions for a stress-free morning routine.

ready to play
Ready To Play
$18.95 FREE,

Shows how to handle typical playtime struggles by modelling three parenting techniques using colour-coded text to teach the language of positive parenting

the step-tween survival guide
The Step-Tween Survival Guide
$17.95 FREE,

With The Step-Tween Survival Guide, tweens will gain the skills and inspiration to survive and thrive in a stepfamily.

teaching beyond the test
Teaching Beyond the Test
$70.50 FREE,

Lots of practical strategies for differentiation among learners & a range of fully developed content-focused projects.

teaching effective classroom routines (cue cards)
Teaching Effective Classroom Routines (cue cards)
$24.95 FREE,

Extra quick cue cards to assist in skill practice, and monitor skill use.

teen cyberbullying investigated
Teen Cyberbullying Investigated
$28.95 FREE,

Real-life court cases helps teens understand what cyberbullying is and what they can do about it

what young children need to succeed a leader's guide
What Young Children Need to Succeed A Leader's Guide
$49.95 FREE,

The "Leader's Guide" includes five ready-to-use workshops, all adaptable for different audiences, and 50 reproducible handout masters.