Stop that Seemingly Senseless Behavior: FBA-based Interventions for People with Autism

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Beth A Glasberg

Stop that Seemingly Senseless Behavior
154 pages
ISBN: 9781890627768

This book follows-up on Dr. Glasberg’s previous book, Functional behaviour Assessment for People with Autism, with a guide to developing an effective behaviour intervention plan to stop undesirable behaviours such as hitting, screaming, or repetitive questioning. The book outlines an educational approach for parents, teachers, adult service providers, and aides that not only quickly reduces the problem behaviour but also teaches the individual with autism new skills to get his needs met. It covers:

  • review of what an FBA is
  • how behaviour is learned and unlearned
  • preventing challenging behaviour
  • replacement behaviours
  • Reinforcement techniques
  • Pros & cons of reinforcement vs. punishment
  • Interventions tailored to the function of the problem behaviour
  • Collecting and graphing data
  • Writing behaviour intervention plans
  • Troubleshooting
  • Positive behaviour Supports

Full of case studies and “Keep it Simple” tips, plus forms, figures, and graphs, Stop That Seemingly Senseless behaviour! offers families and professionals proven strategies to change a person’s challenging behaviour, helping him to have a more productive and inclusive future.