Speech Bubbles 1 (Picture Books and Guide): Supporting Speech Sound Development in Children

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Melissa Palmer NZ author

  • Speech Bubbles 1 (Picture Books and Guide)

192 pages
Age Range: 6+
ISBN: 9780367185527

Speech Bubbles 1 is the first set in an exciting new series of picture books designed to be used by Speech Language Therapists/Pathologists, parents/caregivers, and teachers with children who have delayed or disordered speech sound development, children receiving speech therapy, or by those wanting to provide sound awareness activities for their children.

The set includes eleven picture books that each target a different speech sound within the story. The set is also accompanied by a user guide with notes for professionals and caregivers alike. Eleven different speech sounds have been chosen that are early developing sounds, or sounds commonly targeted in speech language therapy: /t/, /d/, /m/, /n/, /p/, /b/, /k/, /g/, /f/, /s/ and /s/ blends. With titles such as Who Bit My Tail?, Crocodiles Can’t Climb Trees and Ben the Bubble Bear, the stories are light and engaging, with colourful and fun pictures on every page to keep the child interested.

Perfect not just for therapy, but also for encouraging early sound awareness and development, Speech Bubbles 1 will create the perfect relaxed learning and practice environment for children beginning their journey into phonological awareness, speech sounds and their positions in words.

Table of Contents

Pack Contents

  • User Guide
  • Don’t Feed the Dog
  • Who Bit My Tail?
  • Ben the Bubble Bear
  • Polly’s Pink Paint
  • Gus the Gulping Goat
  • Crocodiles Can’t Climb Trees
  • Where’s Mummy Mouse?
  • A Bunny Called Noodle
  • Muffin the Fish
  • Sally’s Sandcastles
  • Steven the Snail

User Guide Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Uses
    • For Speech Language Therapists/Pathologists
    • For Parents/Caregivers and Teachers
  3. Notes for individual Books
    • Don’t Feed the Dog - /g/ sound
    • Who Bit My Tail? - /t/ sound
    • Ben the Bubble Bear - /b/ sound
    • Polly’s Pink Paint /p/ sound
    • Gus the Gulping Goat - /g/ sound
    • Crocodiles Can’t Climb Trees - /k/ sound
    • Where’s Mummy Mouse? - /m/ sound
    • A Bunny Called Noodle - /n/ sound
    • Muffin the Fish - /f/ sound
    • Sally’s Sandcastles - /s/ sound
    • Steven the Snail - /s/ blends