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2nd Edition

Siblings (revised edition): Brothers and sisters of children with disability

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Kate Strohm Australian author

  • Siblings (revised edition)
  • Siblings (revised edition)
    The siblings of children with special needs are often the forgotten ones in families struggling to cope with the demands of having a child with a disability or chronic illness.

272 pages
ISBN: 9781743052334

Siblings tells what it is like to grow up with a brother or sister with a disability or illness. The siblings of children with a disability are often the overlooked ones in families struggling to cope.

Kate Strohm, a sibling herself of a sister with cerebral palsy, bravely shares the story of her journey from isolation and confusion to greater understanding and acceptance. She also explores how siblings struggle with their feelings of resentment, guilt, grief and isolation and how these difficulties can manifest in adulthood as depression, anxiety and other psychological problems. She provides a forum for other siblings to describe their challenges and provides them with detailed strategies for coping and making sense of their experiences.

Through the workshops she has presented around Australia and overseas, Kate has been able to incorporate the experience and wisdom of many families and professionals, and provide clear tools for parents and practitioners to support brothers and sisters of those with a disability.

"This is an important book: reassuring to other siblings, helpful to parents and essential reading for professionals."
- Times Educational Supplement, UK

"I think this book is a revelation. It shines a light on a lifetime of feelings and emotions that I could never really make sense of, until now. This book is a truly honest account of the family experience and there is something immensely reassuring in reading the stories of other siblings of people with disability. Not only does it inform people like myself that we are not alone, but it also helps us to realise that all of the recurring mixed emotions need not be denied, but rather shared and acknowledged."
- Joe Cole, Phoenix Society